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NBI® Adult Profile

What does it measure?

The NBI® Adult Instrument provides a descriptive, objective analysis of your unique thinking preferences. It gives you an insight to truly understand your behaviour, likes & dislikes, creativity, logic and how your thinking preferences influence choices. This makes it easier to enhance relationships with people who may have completely different preferences than yours. It takes all kinds to make a world go ‘round.


How can I benefit from the NBI® Adult Instrument?

The results of the NBI® Adult Instrument will help you to:

  • improve professional and personal relationships
  • determine the best subject or study selections
  • make better job and career choices that fit in with your own preferences
  • make more dynamic contributions as a team member
  • make sound and relevant decisions
  • appreciate, accept and develop your talents and possible challenges
  • lead a more productive and fulfilled personal and professional life


Profile Type

NBI® Adult Instrument – 4 Quadrant with 8 Dimension



15-25 minutes to complete online questionnaire

60 minute discussion session (also available per phone, Skype or Zoom)



R 1250.00