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NBI® Eating Habits Profile

What does it measure?

Your NBI® Eating Habits Profile provides an insight to your weight loss style, issues that are important to you and how to find creative ways to reach your weight loss goal. It is a descriptive, objective analysis of your thinking preferences and does not measure the skills or abilities necessary to execute those preferences. You may have a strong preference for order, planning and organization in a weight loss programme, but never had the opportunity to develop those skills to your satisfaction. Understanding your NBI® Eating Habits Profile will help you find practical, effective ways to change old habits and develop a sustainable weight-loss programme.


How can I benefit from the NBI® Eating Habits Instrument?

It provides an objective analysis of your thinking preferences, which will assists with:

  • understanding your eating habits
  • realizing why previous diets have failed
  • making better food choices
  • finding the right diet that will work for you
  • changing old habits
  • reaching your goals

Profile Type

NBI® Adult Instrument – 4 Quadrant



10-20 minutes to complete online questionnaire

30 minute discussion session (also available per phone, Skype or Zoom)



R 750.00