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Man or Monster – The Psyche of a Criminal

(Carla van der Spuy, LAPA)

Also available in Afrikaans: Mens of Monster

Why do some people murder, hijack and rape and why do they sometimes keep repeating these crimes? Violent crime is a phenomenon that both horrifies and fascinates us. What can go so horribly wrong in a man’s psyche that he turns into a monster? Why do women marry serial killers? What will make your child commit murder?

This is a fascinating read for those who love watching crime series. You will no doubt take a new look at the people around you…

Man or Monster – The Psyche of a Criminal includes contributions from Marthie Maré:

  1. A general introduction to face profiling (physiognomy): can the features of your face indicate your inclination to commit crime?
  1. Face profiling analysis of several hardened, violent criminals serving long-term sentences in South Africa. Marthie received only photographs of these prisoners without any information of the person, sentence or type of crime committed. Her profiles shed light on the link between the face, the criminal and the crime.