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Business partners:

This compatibility consultation is ideal for business partners who want to enhance the successful management of their business. During this session you will learn how to discover each partner’s strengths and challenges and manage possible conflict through understanding. This will contribute positively towards a healthy and sustainable business.

Life partners:

How compatible are we? is something that every couple wonders about, whether you have been together for 20 years, just started a relationship or intend on taking the big step. A partners’ compatibility consultation creates understanding and compassion for the other person by recognizing different styles and preferences. It also highlights similarities, possible areas of conflict and how differences can be resolved. This deepens mutual respect for each other and improves communication. Learn to appreciate each other in an entirely new context.

Gift vouchers available.


  • 90 minute consultation
  • Edited photographs highlighting differences between private & public persona
  • Recording of session

Investment: R850.00