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NBI® Skills Profile

What does it measure?

The NBI® Skills Instrument identifies your skills profile, which may differ from your preference profile (NBI® Adult Instrument). Anyone can learn the necessary skills required for a job, but when it is in conflict with your natural preferences, you will probably hate getting up in the morning to go to work. On the other hand, you may have a strong preference in a certain area, but lack the practical skills to execute those preferences. For example: you may have excellent organizing skills, but find it difficult to thrive in an inflexible, structured environment, with no creative freedom. This will make it difficult to stay motivated and sustain the necessary passion and energy needed for a successful career.


How can I benefit from the NBI® Skills Instrument?

The NBI® Skills Instrument identifies your skills and provides an insight of how to combine those skills with personal preferences to promote job satisfaction. This will not only enhances your general happiness, but will also improve productivity and efficiency.

The results of the NBI® Skills Instrument will help you to:

  • identify your current skills
  • discover how to combine skills and preferences
  • improve job performance
  • make informed decisions about your career


Profile Type

NBI® Skills Instrument – 4 Quadrant



10-20 minutes to complete online questionnaire

30 minute discussion session (also available via phone, Skype or Zoom)



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