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NBI® Young Child (4-7 yrs)

What does it measure?

The questionnaire consists of questions, supported by graphics, which makes it easy for a young child to understand and complete. This profile measures a young child’s thinking preferences. It is vital for parents and teachers to understand that your thinking preferences may differ completely to that of the child. A combination of you and the child’s thinking preferences will influence aspects such as communication, education style, decision-making and how you form your relationship.


How can I benefit from the NBI® Young Child Instrument?

Your insight into the young child’s thinking preferences will help you as parent or teacher to:

  • understand why one child’s preferences like playing, communication and learning style differs from the other
  • help the child to co-create an ideal environment
  • teach and apply whole brain creativity
  • fill the gaps at an early age
  • Make you the whole brain parent/teacher you always wanted to be.

Profile Type

NBI® Young Child Instrument – Left/Right brain preference assessment



10-20 minutes to complete online questionnaire

30 minute discussion session (also available per phone, Skype or Zoom)



R 750.00